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Approved for 16 RAB points per. course

NRT is a game-changer for you as a therapist and for your clients

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NRT is an American treatment methode developed by Lawrence Woods. And NRT-Denmark is proud to be the first certified instructors in Europe/Scandinavia

It is different from massage, physical therapy, or chiropractic in these ways:

  • No massaging of muscles

  • No deep pressure required

  • No lotions or creams

  • No facedown positions are required

  • Can be done fully clothed

  • No stretching

  • Not need to touch the muscle being reset – can be done from the opposite side of the body

  • No joint adjustments

  • No mechanical, electrical, or electronic devices are needed

  • No needles No drugs or natural substances applied

Advantages as an NRT therapist:

  • Using NRT you will have measurable results instantly, whitout working hard.

  • How long will your own body last with the work load from the techniques you are using now? With NRT you will be able to extend your career. No massage or deep pressure required.

  • Being able to treat more clients every day without coming home exhausted.

Why NRT is so effective:

The fundamentals of the method are based on the work of Nobel Prize winner Charles Sherrington and Edwuard Pfluger. Which means that NRT is based on scientificly proven laws.

NRT resets muscle tonus. This will have effect on both muscles, ligaments and joints. The NRT therapist will stimulate an area or a muscle using different techniques. This stimulates different mechanoreceptors in the body. When a mechanoreceptor is stimulated it will signal the brain via the nervous system. This proces only takes a microsecond and this is why we can normalise muscle tonus and eliminate trigger points in less than 30 seconds.

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What is NRT - English

What is NRT English / German subtitles

Dorn therapist - Valentin Thomsen about NRT Danish / German subtitles

Osteopath - Nikolaj Hemmingsen about neck pain and NRT Danish / German subtitles

Zoom meeting with the founder of Neural Reset Therapy - Lawrence Woods / English

Chief instructor Ralph Stephens shares his experiences with NRT / English

Who are we

About Mikkel:

About Mikkel:

Co-founder of NRT Denmark and certified NRT instructor
(September 2019).

  • Professional therapist since 2006.

  • Co-founder and partner in BodyRestart Kbh Aps since 2013.

  • Graduated as a Massage therapist from Body Self Developments System in 2007.

  • Courses: BeActivated Level 1 and Movement in 2018.

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About Henning:

About Henning:

Co-founder of NRT Denmark and certified NRT instructor
(September 2019)

  • Professional therapist since 2005

  • Graduated as a Massage therapist from Body Self Developments System in 2007

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